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How to WRITE a Killer Job Posting

Learn how to write a job posting that will have people excited to apply for the position with your company!   


ATTRACT the Right Candidates

Screening Candidates made easy. “WHAT?! Bella stop talking crazy!!” Imagine having a pool of candidates to CHOOSE from…yes, I said “choose” from! 


How to HIRE the RIGHT People

We’ve all been there and hired people who our ‘gut’ told us at the time may not be right for our business but we ignored it and hired them only to be let down. I will show you my systematic approach that will make this decision a simple math calculation 


STREAMLINED from Start to Finish

We all know this is the one task we all shy away from. Imagine not being the sole responsible person in your business for hiring and on boarding. Imagine automating the entire process and the end result is hiring the PERFECT people. 

Imagine finding new candidates was EASY!

That’s why I have created a 3 part training series that will make all of this come true. In my Jump & Scale course I will teach you my proven formula that will streamline your onboarding process, fill your candidate pool with the right applicants and filter out those who are best for you and your business.” – Bella


THE number one problem I hear from dog walking and pet sitting business owners. 


Because we typically approach the hiring aspect of our business differently than any other. I am here to show YOU how to make hiring and on boarding a simple aspect of your business!

See incredible results in your pet business!

GROWING your business all depends on having amazing, empowered staff that represent you in the field. 

Sign up today for my FREE 3 Part Webinar series where I will teach you my proven formula to scale your business by having a kick ass team of pet sitters and dog walkers. 

Take this journey with me and let’s JUMP & SCALE your business!

~ Bella  

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Let’s JUMP and SCALE your business together.