1 Year Marketing Plan for your Pet Business

On & Offline Marketing Plan 

Create your marketing content for an entire year!

 No more flying by the seat of your pants and reacting quickly to put together your marketing content.

Imagine being prepared for all your marketing efforts: Instead of always feeling like you are finding out about the latest event in your community last minute, scrambling to get those marketing materials printed 50 minutes before the event, seeing others online hosting incredible parties for their business and promising yourself that you will do it next year….

Become a Marketing Machine!

When a prospective client searches for a dog walker or pet sitter, they will contact the company that appeals most to them.

People buy from people they like and they like people {or brands} through commonality and likability.

How clients can know, like & trust you without ever meeting you?

What if I told you there is a way to be known all around town so when a prospective client performs a search for a dog walker or a pet sitter and they see you business name they KNOW you! 


Subliminally when they are searching for a dog walker or a pet service and they come across your service, they feel like they already know you. 

What Will You Learn?

emberThroughout this class you will learn how to connect with your community through systems and processes that put your business on the map. Put your marketing on autopilot.

{….and I am not just going to tell you to blog, although that is part of it….}

You will be provided with a course workbook for you to follow along with. I have included years of examples from actual campaigns that have worked. I break it down for you in easy to understand steps to implement in your business MONTH by MONTH!

By the end of the class you will have a CLEAR picture of exactly what you need to do January through December BOTH on and offline so you can hit the ground running! 

But wait, …that’s not all! 

If that isn’t enough, I actually OFFER you all my contacts at the end of the call. {No more, do this but figure out how to find the right people} Have no fear! All of these steps COME WITH help!!! Heck, I even created an entire list on Amazon to show you exactly what products I have used and love. There is a big part of the problem solved right there, right?


You will have lifetime access to return at anytime but you need to understand that if you are going to TAKE the course, you need to WORK the course. You can’t just listen and then throw it to the wind. You do have to be prepared to do some work. How much or little, broad or in depth it completely up to you!

How Much Is Your Investment?

The class is only $69.00, which honestly is a steal times one hundred! If you do everything that I show you, there is no reason why it wont be the sole reason why your business generates over tens of thousands of dollars in revenue next year.

{Yes, that is a bold statement because I mean it! }