How To Qualify And Close The Sale On The Phone

What makes the perfect phone call?

Phone calls are nerve-wracking. Without being able to give or receive facial cues, there is a whole host of information you aren’t able to use to make a sale.  How can you tell if potential clients are happy with your offer when you can’t see their faces?

All too often, businesses make the wrong decisions when talking to clients over the phone, often costing them valuable jobs in the process.

What You’ll Learn . . .


The #1 thing pet businesses do to turn clients off big time, and they don’t even know it!!!!


The fool proof tactic that you should be doing to close the sale!


What to say to make your customer feel at home with you


Easy ways to follow up with all qualified clients so you can make the sale.


Proven methods of trust building that will bring you repeat business, indefinitely!

No doubt about it, phone communication is vital to your business and perilously easy to get wrong.

Approach phone conversations from the wrong angle, and you will lose business fast. If your customer feels isolated by the conversation, then not only will they not hire you, but they’ll tell others not to hire you, too.

Not only do I want to help you avoid that, but I will teach you a sure-fire phone method – complete with a usable transcript! – that will help you make customers feel like a part of your family, bringing you repeat customers and word of mouth business again and again.

Make your phone one of your most valuable, relationship-building tools.

“The phone script was very good, exceeded my expectations! It refreshed me, reminded me and humbled me …as to all the things I should be doing, or doing much better after being in business for 8+ years! Many are very basic, too! I’ve been wanting to get a phone person to…answer my phone!! And I put your step-by-step instructions on excel sheet – I have a person in mind who would be very good for this but your audio helped me put it into well-defined sections and be clear and better organized about what to say… and to have Goals.
For example, I chat people up naturally, but I never thought carefully and analyzed how i can specifically encourage them to answer, indirectly, important questions about values, etc., without ever having to ask them! I love that. Taking notes and and getting contact info – then even if I don’t get the sale, I can still capitalize later on any effort I make on the phone.
You’re good!”
Jane”Miss Jane”
Jane Mitchell

See RESULTS From Others Who Have Taken The Class:

“When given the assignment to call my competitors to hear their phone scripts, I didn’t think much of it. Boy was I surprised. This lesson was probably one of the best I’ve been given during my time working with Bella. It was truly an eye opening experience to hear what “little” other businesses asked about me and my pets, how many immediately went into their sales pitch on auto pilot and how most seemed more interested in ending the phone call, then gaining me as a client; that was IF they answered the phone!”

Nicole Brown, Miami FL
Miami Pet Concierge

“I just used your pet sitting phone script and nailed it! While I had a basic process I would follow, I found this easier to follow along. The client stated that she loved how organized I sounded and couldn’t wait for the consultation! Woo Hoo. Thank you!”

Dawn Higgins Dawn The Pet Nanny

So, I’ve been practicing the initial phone consultation and have landed the last 5 calls I got (and have left with keys and a check at each consultation)!  The calls are going so much smoother and I’m able to get contact information so I can follow up whether they move forward with services or not.  I’m putting your instruction to action and am getting nothing but  positive in return.  I’ve made the valuable $$ I spent for your consulting services back and then some…in only two short weeks. Thank you for spending quality time with me.”  – Jenna Playtime Pet Care

Making connections via the phone is a tricky, but vital skill, and what I want to do is take all of the guesswork out of it. Let me help you say goodbye to that nervous feeling whenever the phone rings, and help you create a reputation as a gracious, trustworthy pet sitter who is recommended again and again.

Sign Up And You Will Receive:

An 18 page full-color workbook to guide you through the class and take notes as you go along.


A recording of a mock call between Bella and a pet parent showing you exactly how the phone script works in real life! Listen as Bella gets the pet parent talking, overcomes objections, and closes the phone call!


An actual step-by-step script that you can print out and use every single time your phone rings!

Learn exactly what to say {and not to say} when a caller gets your voicemail.

Rebuttals to every objection that Bella can think of and a chance for you to offer an objection at the end of the call to hear what Bella’s suggested rebuttal would be!

Still not convinced?

My goal is to help you make your life and business something to be proud of, and just like I want to make your business worry-free, I want to make this purchase worry-free, so here’s what I’m going to do.

As bonus, when you purchase this class, you will receive the recorded mock call at no additional cost to you. I am so confident that you are going to be happy with this class that, in the event you are not completely satisfied, I will refund your $79.00 and you can keep the recording of the mock call as my gift to you.