5 Free Email Templates for Pet Sitters

Why Templates?

I am sure that you find yourself writing the same pet sitting email responses over and over again. I mean really, pet sitting and dog walking can only be “complicated” so many ways. You have numerous responses to many questions and sooner or later I am sure you have begun to feel like a broken record.

But what if I told you that you didn’t need to keep coming up with responses?

What if I told you if you went into your gmail account > clicked settings > labs > searched for Canned Responses. When you select this (and save) you can automatically populate messages into your email.

No more copy and pasting from a word document that is saved on your desktop. This is the REAL deal and it is FREE.

Think about that response about dog walking services? Or that reply about your cancellation policy? Or maybe it is all about your puppy sitting or cat sitting services? Each email you load into the system can be saved and recalled.