How to Create a Pet Sitting Website THAT SELLS!

Create a Great First Impression

Having a website that is poorly designed will mean people will bounce from your website. 

You want people to stay on your website, look around and get to know, like & trust your brand.

You want people to sign up for services right from your website without talking to you.

This class will do just that. I will teach you how to turn your website into a Master Sales Machine!


Prospective Clients are ready to sign up for your services without speaking to you.
HearI was so impressed with your website“…give the professional feel right from the start.
“WOW your site was so easy to navigate, I was able to set up everything and book online!
Stop feeling like you don’t know what to say or put on your website. Create a website that shows off exactly who you are and what you do!
Attract your ideal client. How to talk to your ideal prospective client so that they contact you after viewing your website.

You will learn . . .

How to have people falling over themselves EXCITED to call you. Positive that they want to hire you – NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU TELL THEM YOU CHARGE ON THE PHONE.
(Hint: your prices don’t have to be on your website)

I want to teach you how to sell Value and Quality and get top dollar for your services!

I want to teach you what many are doing wrong with navigation, design, calls to action, and functionality … and what you need to be doing today…to knock it out of the park.

What business owners are saying about the class:

Now More Than Ever This Is SO Important!

The landscape of the industry changing. There is a disruptor. While many pet sitting companies won’t feel the pinch, there are some, with terrible websites…. that will.

With viewers wanting everything at their fingertips, access to everything now, want things to be easy.  Many companies are missing a HUGE piece of this pie.

Let me show you exactly how to give the people what they want!

Why Listen to Me?

I had my own successful pet sitting business for over 14 years.  I literally sold a website and those who were on staff, for over six figures!  You couldn’t see the business. You couldn’t touch it. But what you could see was the website. That represented what the business was worth and it is no different to your potential clients.

I had people signing up left and right, not even needing to talk to us!  They didn’t care about price and we were the highest in the area!  I had callers on the end of the line who would constantly tell me how much they loved the website, how professional they knew my company was, and how they knew they needed our services. This was all because of the professional and emotional experience they had on my website.


Your Website Will Sell Your Services Every Single Time, If You Allow It To.

Are You Allowing Your Website To Do It’s Thing?

21 Page Guided Workbook. . .

You will be provided with a complete Step by Step Guided Workbook that will allow you to work through each aspect of your web design while listening to the class.

The workbook is structured so you are NOT overwhelmed by this process and it is broken down into small sections that you can work through at your own pace. 

You will know how to create a website that sells, that talks to your ideal client and will have clients signing up without speaking to you.  

We break down the functionality of your website, how to structure your website so it’s easy to navigate. This and SO much more!!   




Over 1 Hour of audio that you can listen on demand when it suits you. Lifetime ACCESS.



Use the workbook while you listen to create your website hooks, copy and call to actions.



The class is completely transcribed for you to read through the lessons. Take notes & brainstorm ideas!

Is this class right for you?

You really want to change up your website but not sure what to do.

You are wondering why your website person isn’t getting what you need.

You ARE your website person and you just don’t know what to build on your website.

You feel (or maybe KNOW) that your website says the same exact thing as every other business in your area.

You want to learn how to make your viewers feel something when they visit your website.

Answered “YES” to any of the above? 

Join me for this course and start creating your selling machine.

I Will Teach You:

Exactly what you need on the front page, about page, services page, policies page, sign up page, and blog page.
I will tell you what mistakes most people are making and need to STOP IMMEDIATELY!
About the effects that different visuals will have on your brand and website and what types to do and what to stay away from. I will even tell you exactly where I get all of mine from!
How to avoid the typical mistakes with colors and fonts
I will show you how to insert calls to action on every page so your viewers know what action they need to be taken!
I will teach you how to find a website person that can deliver on what you need.  

Create Your Own Tail-Wagging Website Today!