How To Have a Howling Pet Event

9 Must Have Elements To Creating A Howling Pet Event In Your Community!

Build Strong Relationships In Your Community!

Put Your Business in Front of Your Ideal Clients & Referral Network

Build strong relationships and referral partners by hosting howling events in your service area. Creating a community event will bring with it a ton of exposure. You have the opportunity for free press & access to new audiences via Facebook & Instagram. We all know these dogs love to Instagram their adventures! 

Built in Trust with Your Business!

Whether you like to admit it or not. You are selling trust on a daily basis. The professional pet sitter and dog walker are chosen over the local kid next door or a dog walking app because people are looking for someone to trust with their pet & home with. We have all heard the horror stories when pet sitting goes wrong and so have potential clients.

Imagine removing any doubt about you and your business because your community knows, likes and trusts you and your company. 

Marketing Your Business Using Events

Having community pet events puts your reputation out thereIt shows that you care about your community and you are not just another business owner with their blinders on only caring about themselves.

Instant Good First Impression

Your business will be looked at differently.  Social media feeds full of images showing off how much fun your company is, seeing the people behind the scenes, your community getting to know you. Maybe they even see friends that they know in your posts.  Having so much social media content is worth it alone, imagine the stories you will tell using images and videos. You are selling without being salesy. 

What Will You Learn?

How to find the time to set up, host and tear down the event. You’re busy and I get that, whether you are to run off to pet sits or spend time with family. 

Nobody wants to host an event that is a FLOP. You will learn how to get people interested in your event so they show up. There are so many ways we can ensure that your fur-community come with their tails wagging. 

We will cover off how to partner with other local businesses. BONUS!! You are also building relationships with fellow business owners and become an influencer in your community. 

You get the turnout BUT how do you make sure that they actually have fun, want to hang out AND share their experience with you and your company.

And most importantly…you do not go broke hosting the event. We all know how hosting any kind of pawty/event can be BUT I am going to show you how to MAKE MONEY with the event

By the end of the class you will have a CLEAR picture of exactly what you need to do to step by step to host a successful howling event in your community. This class will turn even the biggest hermit into a party planner 🙂  


There is always so much to do and not enough time to do it when it comes to hosting events. Creating events CAN be stressful and overwhelming but they don’t have to be. That’s why I created a simple step by step process for creating and managing events that not only are successful but will have you wanting to host many more. Host epic PAWTIES each and every time. 


You will have lifetime access to return at anytime PLUS updates for life. When this course gets updated you will receive the updated course right into your profile at no additional charge. Use this as you guide for any howling event you want to host! 


It really isn’t that hard if you just follow the steps. In fact through the power of partnership and delegation you can have a howling time. So good that people are asking you TO DO IT AGAIN, and HIRING YOUR COMPANY because they met you at your event.

In fact, check out this email I got from a local breakfast joint in town that has a patio

Bella, I talked to Joe [Owner] and he’s very interested in doing events. We’d love to do a series of meet ups in the fall, but he wonders if we can do one this month or early June to get the ball rolling and get additional exposure for our pet-friendly patio.We’re open on times and days – a weekend breakfast or a mid-week happy hour. Let me know your thoughts. We’re looking forward to setting these up. Beth


In this class, I will show you how to gather your community for a great event that will expose your brand, create a newsworthy cause, and gain you more leads than you know what to do with.