How To Have A Killer Pet Sitting Phone Script!

The difference between having a phone script that makes someone feel like they can’t live without you, verses one that leaves them still not sure about your service, could be the difference in tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue for your business!

Recently, I called a handful of pet sitters and I was shocked that I was hardly asked any questions, “talked at”, and almost no close ever! I don’t want this to ever be the instance for any of the pet sitters I know so I hosted a class where they learned :

✔ What questions to ask to get your callers talking.

✔ How to find out exactly what you need to say in order for them to tell you exactly how to sell to them.

✔ How to accent your companies strengths.

✔ How to make your caller feel like you are laying it all out on the table answering all their questions. (Even the ones they didn’t know they had!)

✔ Gain the confidence to close the sale AND have a fighting chance to follow up.


I will give you my rebuttals to all of your objections! How great would you feel if you KNEW by the end of this call what to say to callers when they say things like:“Let me talk to my husband/wife/partner about it and I will let you know” “That’s too much!” “Let me think about it” “How do I know I can trust you?” and a lot more….

If you sign up for this class I will give you access to download the entire phone script to follow along with on the call and print out for your office!

You will receive TWO recordings for the price of one! So you get to hear two different classes with two different rounds of objections and rebuttals!


“I just used your pet sitting phone script and nailed it! While I had a basic process I would follow, I found this easier to follow along. The client stated that she loved how organized I sounded and couldn’t wait for the consultation! Woo Hoo. Thank you! “

Dawn Higgins

Dawn The Pet Nanny