How To Have Successful Interviews Every Time!

Your business is unique and so is the interview process.

Finding the right people to represent your company is tough!  

You need to find the right people you can send to YOUR CLIENTS home.

The right people to take care of your clients furfamily.

The right people who can be you when you aren’t there!

And the list goes on…the pet industry is unique and finding the right people isn’t easy.

It’s coming up to your busy period you need help yesterday!

Whether it’s summertime and your pet sitting business is getting ready for the busiest half of the year, and you need help!

Or you are a dog walking business and summer is coming to an end and you are ramping up for the new daily and returning clients.

You hire for many reasons…

  • Maybe your business is growing and thriving, and it’s time to bring on an employee or two, but you have no idea how to get started.
  • Maybe you’ve hired before, discovered a few nasty surprises along the way that could’ve been avoided, and you’re looking for a better method.
  • Or maybe you just see a little room for improvement, and in this busy season, now is the time.

It is possible to hire excellent employees every time!

Learn how to interview prospective pet care professionals.

The number 1 complaint I hear from my clients is that they cannot find the right staff. So if this is you do not give up, finding the right people can be done!

Imagine a world where…

Your employees are a perfect fit for YOUR business.  

You spend less money and get better quality help.

Hire someone and trust that the job they’re hired to do is going to be done well, with no surprises and a full understanding of the lifestyle of a pet sitter or dog walker.

Hire the right people and remove the stress.

Hiring can be a tricky process. We’ve all faced employees who flake out, quit, or just aren’t a good fit for the job.


Become a Hiring Pro!

In this course You will Learn:

How to save money and hire better help. Making the wrong hiring choices is EXPENSIVE!

Tailor the interview process and learn how to avoid the most common mistakes.

My formula to measure whether or not an interviewee is a good fit with over 90% accuracy. No longer will it come down to “I liked them” or “They seem like a good fit”.

Get my personal interview process. We’ll talk about how I got my roster of fabulous employees! 

How to get your legal ducks in a row and know what you are and are not legally allowed to ask.

Find out the difference between pet care professional interviews and real-world ones – and what sets a pet-sitting interview apart.

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A Pet Sitting Interview Process That Works!

What You’ll Get


That’s right! No waiting, you will have complete access to everything the course offers.


These tests will help determine whether or not an applicant is the right fit for your company.



An exact list of questions you can legally ask in an interview compiled by a HR Director just for YOU!



This 12-page workbook is jam-packed with resources, designed to be a guide for you as we work through the class, and a helpful reference after the session is over.


Are you using Facebook to bring in employee leads? This free resource will make it a snap!


What should your job application look like? Check out this free, printable application that’s ready for you to use today!

This Course is Right for you if:

  • You’re a growing business looking to hire your first employee.

  • You’re getting ready for the busy second half of the year and you want to make sure any new staff you hire is as good a fit as possible.

  • You’ve had trouble with employees in the past and you’d like to fix your interview process.

Good people are integral to your business’ success.

Let me give you the tools to find the very best applicants so both you and your employees can thrive.

Make your life and business something to be proud of.

Make your business worry-free.

I want to take away any worry you have about this purchase, so here’s what I’m going to do:

As a bonus, when you purchase this class I will give you access to the workbook and resources for no additional cost to you. I am so confident that you are going to be happy with your order that, in the event you are not completely satisfied, I’ll refund your money and you can keep the workbook as my gift to you.