Done for you Marketing and coaching for your pet business in 2023!

Social media is changing so much and it is hard to keep up with all the changes and know what to do. Luckily, you have a world-known social media expert in the pet industry bringing you Better Marketing with Bella!

Create an irresistible buzz around your business with custom social posts, reels, and emails that show pet parents you care and you consistently show up.

          PICK FROM TWO (2) LEVELS:


Do you just want generic graphics that you
can use on your social?
Don’t have
that big of a budget?

Get our ten (10) monthly graphics with captions to sprinkle throughout
all your online platforms.

Golden Retriever

Does this sound like you? 👇

“Take care of all you can Bella!

I want graphics, videos, emails, reel outlines, FB cover photos, and group
and personal coaching.”

        Why Better Marketing With Bella?

Here is how social works:

So what is your social media saying about you?

Is it just a bunch of dog and cat faces? Is it showing that you are relevant? A real business that can afford beautiful designs and a clean aesthetic with consistent logos, fonts, and colors?

How about you? Are you a designer? Are you in Canva creating and batching your content weeks or months at a time? If you answered no – you need this program.

Better Marketing With Bella will take what you are already doing (the cute pet faces) and up-level your business
to look professional and personal.


Golden Retriever