WARNING: You are about to achieve your dreams for your pet business!

The Jump Mastermind is primed and ready to be the
vehicle you need to make your business goals a reality.

Hold on tight, we are ready to JUMP – Bella

Have what your competitors don’t!

Be the leading pet service in your market!

No more guessing about what works and what doesn’t! 

Explode YOUR Business

Get Support & Accountability

Achieve YOUR Dreams

Get advice from Industry Led Experts

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?
Looking to achieve those goals and dreams you wrote down but don’t know how to get there?
Maybe you just want your business to run like a machine without you in it.

Whatever your WHY is, The Jump Mastermind can help you achieve your wildest dreams for your business.

Gain the Competitive Advantage in your market!
The industry is changing and evolving quicker than ever and there is no need to go it alone.
Dedicated Coaching & Support 24/7
No Commitment


What you need to know without the overwhelm!


Whatever the topic, The Jump Mastermind will help you step-by-step to achieve your business goals. Each month, we have leading industry experts come into our exclusive group and talk to you about your goals and HOW to achieve them.

Our experts are just that – EXPERTS! Some of our experts get paid $1000’s per hour to speak and now they are coming right to you to help your pet business!

Here’s how it works…

Each month in the Mastermind, we focus our energy on one topic that will take your business to the next level . . . and I mean serious,next-level, sh*t!


This is no ordinary syllabus or course that you are left to work through on your own.

Support and Accountability each step of the way to ensure your success!  


ONLY $147 per month!

How does the Mastermind Help YOU Achieve YOUR Goals?

“This experience kicked my butt into gear when dealing with building my team and completing my manuals.”

Nicole Packin Brown – Miami Pet Concierge

“The mastermind has been a phenomenal experience. I have learned SO much from you over the past two years it’s impossible to even quantify.”

Lily Reiche – My Dog Spot Dog

Let’s break it all down.


Direct Access to the Leading Pet Business Coach in the Industry for all your questions Monday through Friday

Monthly Deep-Dive into topics that will help you focus achieving business best practices

Expert Hotseats each and every month! Based on our monthly topic we will have the leader within that industry come to you live and answer questions relating to your business.

And when I say experts, I mean EXPERTS…any of these names sound familiar? Jenn Herman – World’s leading Forefront Instagram Blogger; Joey Coleman – World Leading Customer Experience Design Expert…I would go on but you will have to join for more insiders details! These guys are paid $000’s to Keynote & Speak and they are coming direct to you!

Private Facebook Group filled of business owners just like you who are ready to support you no matter what stage you are at with your business. We have a variety of business owners from start up to seven figure pet businesses. Having a support system like this 24/7 is worth admittance alone. Never feel alone in your business ever again!

Human Resource Consultant that will answer your specific questions about anything that is happening in your business. You will never feel alone or worry about possible law suits.

Personal Goal Setting & Accountability this is where the magic happens of your dreams turning into reality. With personal assistance from Bella, your accountability partner and the entire Mastermind you will be ready to take on the world!

Twice Monthly Live Q&A Sessions so you’ll never be stuck with how to move forward. This is where we will dive deep to solve a problem you may have found yourself with or the opportunity to talk through a process you need to work the kinks out with. Bella is here as your personal business coach to take the jump with you and keep those wheels turning!

Monthly Challenges allow that competitive side shine through. Our monthly challenges will help you achieve a goal while being cheered on by the entire group.

That’s well over $10,000…
FREE a year!

You’d actually be crazy not to join 😉 
PLUS Lifetime membership discount each month!

The last 4 months were my biggest money making months in 6 years! 2019 is going to be great!! I know it!!

Shannon Vottero – Bark, Play, Love




Managing your team isn’t easy at times, and it’s hard to find out what you need to do without hiring your very own human resources personnel.



What about pregnant ladies scooping litter?

How do I get my company property back from a terminated employee who won’t return my calls?

Can I make an employee work on a statutory holiday?

I want to add benefits for staff to keep them long term. How and when should I do this?

What standard forms should we use for disciplinary procedures?

What sort of questions should I ask in an interview to make sure they have the required skills?






Take Your Dreams & Turn Them Into Reality

Join the exclusive members only pet mastermind dedicated to growing your business. Remove the guessing in your business by knowing WHAT WORKS! We are a group of like minded business owners that have been there and done it, a support group unlike any others!

It’s Time To Explode Your Business!

Do you want to be SIX or SEVEN figure pet industry? Want to double your sales? We consistently have members posting about doubling year on year sales in half of the time!

Be The Go To Pet Service In Your Area!

Imagine Getting referrals from people who you have never used your services but know, like and trust you!

Be the talk of the town with people blown away by your Customer Experience (and yes customer experience not customer service! – what’s the difference? You’ll find out inside).

Your Ideal Clients will know you are the company for them!

Who is this for?

The Jump Mastermind is for ambitious Pet Business Owners who have started to build their team. No Wag or Rovers here! Just committed, successful entrepreneurs who have dreams of making it BIG!

Do I have to commit for a year?

Nope. The program is month-to-month. You can cancel at any time. Once you are in, it is set up for automatic renewal each month and you control when you want to stop.

Isn’t this just going to add to my To Do List?

NO! The goal of Jump Mastermind is to actually give you LESS to do by eliminating distraction and overwhelm, and holding you accountable to ONE specific goal at a time.

What if I can’t attend the LIVE sessions?

No worries! You can submit questions for the Live Q&As and Expert Hot Seats beforehand, and watch the recordings at your convenience.

How does it work?

Each month, I’ll coach you through a specific area of business foundation to help you create and scale a business that runs itself. The topics are set in advance, and you can access all materials and resources through our private Facebook group. This is also where you can ask questions and have access to me M-F.

I’ll work with you to set your individual monthly goal, and then I’ll hold you accountable – no excuses!

If you miss any of the live Q&As or Expert Hot Seats, everything is recorded and available in the Facebook group.

What happens if I cancel?

We’ll be sad, but we’ll carry on. No, seriously – if you decide Jump Mastermind is not for you, just shoot a message to us and we will cancel your membership on the next cycle. You’ll lose access to the resources and the Facebook group, but we’ll still be friends. 🙂

“Starting off the year with the Mastermind was 1000% the best decision I have ever made for my dog walking business. From January 1st I was working in the field every day to June 1st not being involved in the day to day operations of my business. Finally have my life back!”

Pam Curry – Toronto Dog Walking

Who is Right for The Mastermind?

Wondering if the Mastermind can help you and your business?

You have Annual Revenue of $50k+

You have done an awesome job in growing your business and now you are ready to keep growing and scale your business!
You have lower annual revenue but you are an ambitious, driven business owner.

You want to increase your bottom line

You are already a kick ass business owner who has a team of pet care providers and you are open to CHANGE by implementing best practices that will grow your bottom line!

You want to GROW

You want to grow your team with the right people and grow your client base with ideal clients. You are not closed off to new ideas and have a can do attitude!

You want to stop fighting the daily fires

You feel held hostage, burned out and held hostage by your business!

It’s time to FREE yourself and reclaim your ME time.


Knowing Your Numbers Inside Out

Growing Your Revenue

Scaling & Building Your Business

 Being Confident in ALL Aspects of Your Business

Excelling at Social Media Marketing

Building a Rockstar Team

Creating Awesome Customer Experiences

Automating Your Business Processes
Support System

Why I Started The Jump Mastermind!

Why did I start the Jump Mastermind you ask?

It’s actually pretty simple. I wanted to help more people explode their businesses.

For years I have been working one to one with my clients. Seeing them go from solopreneurs to 6 and 7 figure businesses motivates me to keep doing what I do. Nothing makes me happier than seeing people achieve their dreams for their businesses.

The problem here is that there are only so many hours in a day and it was impossible to help everyone that I wanted to.

I wanted to help more people everyday and make it super affordable for you to work with me every single weekday! So alas the Jump Mastermind Group Coaching Program was born.

The achievements I have seen inside the Mastermind blows my mind every single day.

To see how quickly people are getting results and crushing their goals is beyond incredible. I could literally talk for days about the transformations business owners just like you are achieving inside the Mastermind.

Are you ready to start crushing your goals?

I hope to see you on the inside – Bella!

Not sure which support is right for you?

“Feeling burnt out or in a slump? Tired of the loneliness and isolation of the pet sitting industry? Join the Mastermind and be prepared to get your butt kicked and see your business explode!”

Randa Clark – Pet Heroes

Why join the Jump Mastermind?


How the Jump Mastermind Can Help You!

You have a team and you want to scale your business but it’s daunting! 

You want to be a SIX or SEVEN Figure Pet Business – Yes we have people who are mid SEVEN figures on the inside!

You know your business is capable of more but you don’t know where to start. So many people inside the Mastermind are taking their business to new heights!

You want to GROW your team but are worried that more people mean more problems. That’s why we have a dedicated HR Expert that comes to you…every single month! PLUS an entire support system of business owners who have scaled their own business.

You want to GROW your sales, maybe increase dog walking or pet sitting clients. What’s the new way to market your business that actually gets results!

You want to INCREASE your profit margins but you have Employees or Contractors and you can’t see how you can increase your bottom line.

Support EVERY SINGLE DAY from business owners who are just like you. It’s not like any other group, people in the Mastermind will KNOW you KNOW what stage your business is at. Have been where you are and have gone through the same process.

Maybe you have been doing the same thing day in day out, going along just fine but want more from your business. Many inside the Mastermind have great income but want to be challenged to make even more!

You want a pet business coach to help you make the right decisions for your business first time…NO MORE GUESSING!! I’m (Bella!) inside the Mastermind every single day answering questions. You will never have to worry or second guess advice that is being given to you.