The Complete Guide To Providing Overnight Pet Sitting

Overnights can increase your bottom line up to tens of thousands of dollars! It is one of the easiest services to hire for, easy to provide, and has a great profit margin for you.

The service isn’t even usually for the PETS. It is mainly for the client peace of mind and comfort to know that when they are away on their business trip or vacation, that their pet isn’t sitting home alone all sad and lonely wondering if it is still loved or if Mom and Dad are coming home.

I have coached pet sitters who have overnights account for 40% + of their business!

How would you like that much of a bottom line increase in your company?

I created this short 14 pg manual in which I will teach you how to do it all:

✓ How to Structure the Overnights: We will examine what will work best for your company in terms of what time do they start? end? and if anything is included?

✓ I will teach you about how to properly price them and how to pay staff. I will even give you insight to a letter I received from the government easing my mind on how I can legally pay them!

✓ I will teach you how to sell overnight.  What good is it to have overnights if you don’t know how to sell them? I will teach you how to get people to purchase them more frequently and how to highlight yourself against the other options out there like in hoe boarding, kennels, dog spa’s, etc.

✓ I will tell you everything you need to know about the staffing for overnights. Where to look for them and what type of person is a great fit. I will show you how to train them and suggest a check list for you to work off of.

This Guide Is For Anyone Who:

  • Is a sole proprietor looking to add this service themselves.
  • Has a staff and looking to expand their list of services.
  • INTERNATIONAL: This applies to my friends in Australia, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, and Canada. Worldwide encompassing knowledge!

If you have been struggling on how to make this service a bigger feature of your business, I have just written out all of the answers for you. This guide answers all of the questions that I get asked on a daily basis. Every single one!